Instruction Matters Most

The most significant gains in student learning come from instructional growth. Administrators know that instruction matters most.  In this session you will learn to motivate even your most reluctant staff to embrace the need for instructional change.  You will explore the impact of growth mindset and learning climate.  Administrators will recognize and expect high leverage instructional and assessment strategies based on Hattie's Visible Learning research and Common Core expectations. Accountability and monitoring tools will be shared, leading naturally to data driven differentiation and powerful tips for collaboration conversation. Sustained support will be addressed as a necessary practice for leadership to be effective. All of this work can align  and simplify your existing school improvement work within logical instructional growth framework. Empower teachers to grow by finding and accepting what they need to know.  Empower learners to achieve by meeting them where they are and building forward.  Guarantee growth with 6 simple steps of an Instructional Growth Framework.  These powerful strategies are evidence based and proven to work as you become the best possible instructional leader!

Seminars to Support all of your Professional Development Needs

  • Experts available to share powerful PD sessions with your district.
  • Customized PD seminars and step-by-step sustained support plans. 
  • You may combine two topics for one day of PD.
  • Choose from the following seminar topics designed for administrators or educators:

Engage learners while teaching to the RIGOR of The Common Core State Standards

Carri Meek will guide K-12 Teachers and Administrators through the CCSS instructional shifts and expectations in Mathematics and ELA. Teachers will learn how to identify daily opportunities for active exploration of common core targets with their current materials. Carri will demonstrate the benefit of targeting instruction and assessment on high leverage content aligned to CCSS and next generation assessments.  Simple engaging strategies will be shared to better utilize formative data and to progress monitor the mastery of Common Core Standards.  Formative common core data will be essential in driving instruction and intervention to guarantee growth in all learners. ​

RTI: Guarantee Instructional Growth with Response to Intervention & Instruction

Teachers and administrators will identify the power of a strong tier one foundation.  RTI is not a special education initiative; it is a general education framework for all students. Learn what it can look like in your classroom! Responsive Instruction will bring your classroom to life in all tiers.  Learn simple ways to assess and monitor progress while you teach your daily lessons!  Learn to change your instruction  based on your learners.  Identify deficits and learn how to provide differentiated interventions and practices based on learning preference and strengths.  Practical differentiation strategies and grouping models will be shared for all grade levels! Carri will share realistic strategies for every tier that will solidify your framework and guarantee growth for all learners.

How to Guarantee Growth with Differentiation

Teachers and Administrators will learn how to use learning styles and formative growth data from both Instruction and Assessment to immediately Differentiate Instruction. Carri offers practical solutions for optimal differentiated instruction.  With effective data driven instructional practices, and realistic classroom management strategies, differentiation is made easy!  Teachers will uncover the magic of data driven grouping, intervention, and enrichment. Data becomes a useful resource integral to everyday teaching! Differentiation becomes a simple and natural practice which will guarantee growth in all learners!

High Impact Responsive Teaching Strategies

Engage even the most reluctant learner with interactive research based practice proven to get results. Teachers and administrators will leave with simple and realistic strategies that can be implemented tomorrow! John Hattie's high yield strategies, including formative practices and reciprocal interaction are proven to increases achievement. Carri will explore the best of researched based practices and show you how to turn your school into a high yield environment for learning!  Teachers will learn how to efficiently spend their energy to get immediate results!

Preparing for the Expectations of Next Generation Assessment

Next Generation assessment is here, and expectations have changed! Instruction must change as well! Carri will uncover the information necessary to prepare for next generation testing.  From common core alignment to instructional practices, this seminar adds clarity and confidence for educators.  Preparing for the rigor of next generation assessments begins with relationships, relevance and rigorous engagement in the classroom. Empower your team with knowledge to reduce the stress associated with the new expectations.

​Teaching Critical Vocabulary

Vocabulary instruction is now a required part of The Common Core State Standards. Research indicates that there is a direct correlation between vocabulary instruction, comprehension, and test scores.  Vocabulary is a hands-on experience for students! Discover the tiers of vocabulary and learn which words are critical! Teachers will learn how to immediately use high impact vocabulary strategies which are engaging in the classroom!  Find out why 85% percent of your students' testing success depends on vocabulary understanding!

Additional Educational Professional Development is available, provided by associates. Contact with specific needs and Instructional Growth Seminars and Support will suggest presenters and coaches for your team!