Standard Maps help teachers instruct and assess with clarity!  Our goal is to align the delivered curriculum to the state expected curriculum.  In order to teach with the end in mind, educators must have a deep understanding of the end goal for each standard. When students are practicing all year at the appropriate rigor and format, state tests become attainable.  When using the Standard Maps teachers are able to unpack the depth of each standard.  The important tested vocabulary and essential understanding are made clear.  In addition, we now offer examples of DOK 1, DOK 2, and DOK 3 stems that align with the American Institute of Research testing items. These stems can be used with every curriculum, or as writing prompts. The performance level descriptors will help ensure that material choice and assessment checks are at the highest level of performance with each standard.The maps provide a resource for knowing what mastery really looks like and can be used a tool to recognize and reach the intended rigor.

​​​​Standard Map Access 

$500 Annual Agreement Fee

$5 per Teacher License 

Digital Checklist 

$950 Annual Agreement Fee

$25 per Teacher License 

10% Package Discount

for district purchase of BOTH the Standard Map and Digital Checklist

Standard Checklists allow teachers to monitor the progress and mastery of every standard. Formative practices are best practices.  When formatively using a recording checklist to assess standards, student and teachers are able to have immediate discussions and feedback directly related to standard mastery goals.  The checklist data makes differentiation simple and grouping is evident. Teachers are quickly able to see who needs more instruction and who needs stretch.  We have Checklists that can list a single standard up to four standards, and some specifically designed or intervention groups. Each time that standard is visited during the quarter, or year teachers can quickly note progress.  


Standard Checklists

Standard Checklists allow:

  • Simple Click on standard of focus K-12
  • Standard focused Instruction 
  • Progress Monitoring by Standard
  • intervention planning 
  • IAT and MTSS conversations
  • Excel to Google Sheet compatibility
  • Assurance that every standard was assessed
  • Accountability to a standard-based test
  • Workshop or Centers by need
  • Differentiation and Grouping of gifted and            struggling learners 

Standard Maps  with DOK Stems

Standard Maps

with DOK Test Stems  and Performance Level Descriptors for ELA Grades 3-12 

Standard Maps

with Performance Level Descriptors

for Math  Grades 3-12

Standard Checklists

for Social Studies, Science, ELA and Math

Grades K-12


Combination of both of the above:

Standards Maps and

Standard Checklists