"Teachers will gain practical knowledge on how to use their data more effectively to group, instruct, intervene, and enrich all learners."

A Unique Approach to Growth...Educators are often expected to implement new instructional strategies after hearing a PD seminar just once.  Real change requires sustained support. Instructional Growth Seminars and Support offers a unique plan to ensure that all teachers are respected and individually supported at all stages of the journey. Experience how to make district and school improvement plans meaningful to all teachers!

  • Administrative or lead teachers conference included in with all sessions
  • Step-by-step action plan designed for your team
  • Carri will meet with teachers to Self Reflect on their current level of practice and understanding, set goals and design personalized growth plans
  • Contract Carri for sustained support and receive personalized coaching and guidance towards that "next step" in your improvement plan
  • Value teachers' time and need for guidance with Instructional Growth Seminars and Support services