1. ​​MINDSET: Making it Real in the classroom!  Intentionally foster an open “Growth Mindset” for administrators, teachers, and students. Unleash the power of YET and the freedom to fail with a desire to grow!  See amazing growth when students understand the value of effort.

  2. CLIMATE:  Create an Effective Learning Climate by matching classroom climate to intended building climate. Discover the impact of instructional leadership on the building climate. Explore practical strategies to create an effective classroom climate! Utilize TBT, PLC and collaborations more effectively.

  3. INSTRUCTION: Understand the power of strong teaching! Explore research-based instructional strategies and impact ratings from John Hattie’s “Visible Learning”.   Actively engage learners!  Revisit targeted instruction, and learn how to target standards with a focus on mastering standards over “covering” materials.  Uncover the power of FEEDBACK - instructional feedback for teachers & learning feedback for students!

  4. ASSESSMENT:  Formative Assessment practices yield results!  Focus on targeted assessment and documentation. Identify specific skill deficit and root cause of struggle!  Monitor growth data towards mastery.  Harness the power of immediate feedback and progress monitoring checklists. Implement strategic steps to use data to drive instruction.

  5. DIFFERENTIATION:  Embrace and identify the need for differentiated instruction.  Learn simple strategies to implement data-based small group instruction. Explore management, screening and intervention strategies. Understand the need to reach high learners with enrichment strategies and struggling learners with targeted intervention strategies.

  6. SUSTAINED SUPPORT:  Continue support for both teachers and students.  Talk about the instruction and measure progress towards building goals. Surveys and self-reflection forms will help guide this work!  We provide embedded PD and coaching. Teachers and students both need a variety of support modalities. Create a community support system for learners.  Utilize TBT & collaborative meetings to support and guide targeted learning.



Instructional Growth Seminars and Support coaching provides sustained support for your staff.  We work side by side with administrators and teachers, analyzing building plans, setting instructional goals and providing guidance and support to teachers or small groups to monitor growth and determine additional needs.  Free resources are shared and model teaching is always offered.  Building Learning walks can be part of this plan.  We will capture the pulse of your team and report growth, in addition to supporting specific needs.  Job-embedded PD is designed around observed needs, and district school improvement initiatives.


Carri seeks to streamline your educational initiatives with a personalized sustained support plan for success!

  • Customized Professional Development
  • Step-by-Step Sustained Support Plans
  • Follow up Coaching and Guidance
  • OASSA KeynoteTeaching and                   Assessing with Clarity
  • Northwest Ohio ESC: Growth                     Mindset in Education
  • Columbus, Ohio: Administrators are           Key to Instructional Growth
  • Jefferson County ESC: Growth                   Mindset and Formative Practices
  • Midvale, Ohio:  High Impact 
         Instructional Practices




Instructional Growth Framework

Instructional Growth has moved several struggling schools from "Focus" status to "Independent".

"Carri Meek is an excellent speaker. 

This PD was amazing... One of the best!"        

Carri will guide your team and grow your students by developing and sustaining a plan to ensure:

  • Educator Support Systems are in place
    • An Instructional Framework is established and supported
    • Effective evidence-based strategies are expected including targeted instruction, assessments, and differentiation

  • Instructional Coaching
  • PD Planning
  • School Improvement
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Learning Culture